Showroom Exterior Detail Final Stage

This is the service you’d choose if you want absolutely everything short of a full on paint correction. Perfect if you’ve never gotten your car detailed before and it needs some love, or are about to sell your car and wish to earn more money by increasing it’s resale value.

This service includes


  • Metal and fallout decontamination process on body, and wheels

  • For metal and fallout decontamination, a special chemical is sprayed on the entire car that reacts to embedded metals and chemicals in the surface to pull them out for removal

  • Paint enhancement on all of the paintwork

    • Similar to a paint correction, but is faster and less expensive, usually meant for very light/mild swirls/scratches on a car that don’t take a lot of time to remove. Also used to quickly remove oxidized paint, so it will always benefit the car by bringing a nice fresh shine back to the vehicle.


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