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Showroom Interior Detail

Driving your car should be a good experience. Part of that depends on a clean and organized interior. We provide thorough interior detailing to help you create travel that’s enjoyable.

  • Interior fully vacuumed (the full entirety of the car, all cracks and crevices included)

  • All inside windows, surfaces, seats, floor mats, steering wheel, cup holders, etc. degreased and cleaned of stains/dirt

  • Followed up with protective coating to resist further staining, dirt, and sun damage. Coating acts as a barrier to make future cleaning easier (Lasts 4-6 months)

  • Floor mats and carpets shampooed and scrubbed (deep clean of stains and dirt)

  • Leather seats are easier and less time consuming to clean and protect than cloth seats

    Dirty/stained cloth seats may add an additional charge based on severity and size of stains/dirt

Please contact for a quote as prices vary based on vehicle size and condition.

Showroom Exterior Detail

If you’re looking for a simple, quick, yet comprehensive detail for your vehicle’s exterior, this is it! This is the ideal service for someone who wishes to regularly have their vehicle maintained with frequent washes, or someone who wants to add a protective coating (ceramic spray) and then maintain it themselves afterwards.

  • Wash performed on the full exterior of the vehicle. We use non-scratch techniques to avoid adding additional swirls or scratches to the paint

  • Wheels and tires fully degreased and cleaned. Ceramic spray coating applied to wheels, tire dressing applied to tires.

  • Ceramic spray coating - Like traditional waxes or sealants, but much better! 4-8 months of durable protection against UV sun damage, dirt, debris, rain, and mild chemicals.

  • Tire Dressing - Brings old faded tires back to a deep black matte finish for a temporary time. Longevity is based on driving conditions.

  • Vehicle paint fully coated to resist sun damage, dirt build up, and create a hydrophobic layer to protect the paint.

  • This also makes all future details or cleanings easier and quicker!

  • Door jambs cleaned and coated

  • Tree sap/Bug removal

  • Black trim on vehicle cleaned and trim dressing applied, which brings faded trim back to deep black appearance

  • All windows and windshields cleaned and ceramic spray coated to resist rain and dirt for improved visibility

Showroom Exterior Detail Final Stage

This is the service you’d choose if you want absolutely everything short of a full on paint correction. Perfect if you’ve never gotten your car detailed before and it needs some love, or are about to sell your car and wish to earn more money by increasing it’s resale value.

This service includes

  • Everything from Showroom Exterior Second Stage


  • Metal and fallout decontamination process on body, and wheels

  • For metal and fallout decontamination, a special chemical is sprayed on the entire car that reacts to embedded metals and chemicals in the surface to pull them out for removal

  • Paint enhancement on all of the paintwork

    • Similar to a paint correction, but is faster and less expensive, usually meant for very light/mild swirls/scratches on a car that don’t take a lot of time to remove. Also used to quickly remove oxidized paint, so it will always benefit the car by bringing a nice fresh shine back to the vehicle.

Showroom Exterior Detail Second Stage

Has it been a while since you’ve fully detailed your car down to its pores? A step up from our Showroom Exterior Detailing service, this service provides a little extra clean to ensure that your car stays as fresh as possible!

This service includes


  • Clay Bar application

What does a Clay Bar do?

Acts as an "exfoliator" for your paint. Your car’s paint clear coat has pores in it that trap tiny specs of dirt, over time it can contribute to duller looking paint if allowed to build up. This process is recommended for cars that haven’t had this application done within the last year, newer cars can have this application done as well but might not be as contaminated as a older vehicle that has not been well maintained.

This is a required step to before a polish is done to clean paint completely.

Please contact for a quote as prices vary based on vehicle size and condition.
*Requires a 20% deposit upon confirmation of Ceramic Coating services


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