Exterior detail package

PRICE $229-$339

Premier Detail Package:

  • Thoroughly Hand wash, rinse, and dry exterior of vehicle

Hand Wax entire exterior of vehicle

Thoroughly Clean & Shine rims and        tires, wheel wells

  •  Will wet rims then use degreaser to strip bake dust, rinse thoroughly, then wipe, and Tire shine

Vacuum and shampoo carpets

  • Will use different vacuum attachments to get under the seats and in crevices, pull out matts and empty the entire car of personal items to vacuum out the center console and door compartments, throw out obvious trash move seats forward and backward to get under them.

Wipe down interior

  • -Wipe the dashboard, all interior trim pieces, and all mirrors (rear view and both personal mirrors)

Leather condition seats

  • -after cleaning the seats will use a leather conditioner on all leather seats (and consol if also leather)

Clean all door jambs

  • wipe out door jambs with a microfiber and a cleaning solution

Clean all interior vents

  • -with a detailing brush to remove all dust from the vents

Clean interior of windows


Clean Cup Holders and All Other Compartments 

Top off windshield wiper fluid

Check tire pressure